Monday, July 21, 2008

The Simple Woman 7/21/08

July 21, 2008

Outside My Window...I just watched the garbage man pick up the garbage with my little guy. He was a little concerned when the recycle cans weren't picked up. I told him that a different guy would come around and get those.

I am thinking...of the things that I want to accomplish this week, there are quite a few.

I am thankful for...The Society Devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Daughters #2 and 3 are up at camp this week. It is the same girls camp that I went to as a young girl and teenager.

From the kitchen...I have hard boiled eggs cooking.

I am wearing...still in my jammies. :)

I am creating...still working on my home journal.

I am going...nowhere this week. It is wonderful to think about. We were on vacation for two weeks and then we took two daughters to camp yesterday. The dance studio is closed for the week, so no one has to be anywhere. We are just going to enjoy being at home this week. I will make a run to the farmers market on Thursday.

I am reading...Surrender by Carmen Marcoux.

I am hoping...That I hear from daughter #1 who is still in Syndey after making a pilgrimage to World Youth Day.

I am hearing...I can hear my little guy watching Cars. It is summertime and his sisters are still sleeping. And, actually that is a good thing. On vacation their sleep patterns were horrible. They really need the sleep

Around the house...are blissfully quiet.

One of my favorite things...a nice cup of coffee in the morning.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Clean out girls' closet, register daughter #2 with Seton Home Study School, clean the floor of the soapy residue from when hubby "cleaned" the floors (I use a steam mop and he decided not to use it), straighten up office.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...(add your picture here)

This is my little guy (or my big strong boy) yucking it up for his sisters. He discovered a new trick a couple of weeks ago. He can get his foot into the seam in the sofa and get up on his head. As you can see this delighted his sister.

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