Monday, July 7, 2008

FOR TODAY July 7, 2008

Outside My Window...I can see shadows of late afternoon clouds on the mountains.

I am thinking...that I will miss my oldest while she is in Australia for World Youth Day.

I am thankful children. I am constantly amazed at the gifts God has bestowed upon them. Lefty-big-eye plays the piano very well. Greg had her first singing lesson today. She has great pitch.

From the kitchen...I can hear George chanting a chant from Finding Nemo.

I am wearing...a chocolate brown t-shirt, denim capris, and borrowed flip flops from George.

I am creating...a home management journal.

I am the high Sierra in a few days. It will be good to meet some of my husband's aunts and uncles...finally. We have been married for twenty years and there will still be some that I haven't met, even after the reunion

I am reading...a sweet Christian novel. Nice light reading.

I am hoping...that the World Youth Day trip is safe for all the youth gathering in Sydney and that the youth who are gathering have their hearts open to the Holy Spirit and that they heed His call.

I am son digging around in a shopping bag that he should not be in.

Around the house...the kids are chatting. GM is trying to convince his sisters of something or other.

One of my favorite new amethyst bracelet that Steve bought for me on our anniversary trip to La Jolla.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Help the girls work on some unfinished school work. I need to pack for myself and for the four youngest for the mountain trip.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

. My girls and I decided to go to Laura Ingraham's book signing earlier this year. I think it was during Spring Break. Laura made sure to say hello to each girl. She was amazed that I had five daughters. That earned us a photo on her website.

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