Wednesday, November 12, 2008

FOCA will kill some of the "support network."

Some of my family and friends were talking about the Freedom of Choice Act and how this will effect Catholic Healthcare, before the election. A family member of mine talked about how important it is to have support networks so that women who find themselves pregnant have a place to go, instead of having an abortion.

I pointed out that the Catholic Church has just such things in place and has had them there for years (if not for centuries).

This was taken from

Catholic Health Care9
Hospitals: 557 Catholic hospitals treated 83,795,186 patients
Other Health Care Centers: 417 centers treated 7,271,716 patients
Specialized Homes: 1,538 assisted 756,902 residents
Residential Care of Children: 163 locations assisted 30,106 residents

These numbers were for 2007.

FOCA will force the hand of healthcare providers and will require them to perform abortions. It doesn't matter what your religious viewpoint is.

You know, Catholic hospitals and other Catholic providers don't care what religion you are. They care that there is access to healthcare. Because they are not-for-profit agencies they can offer ways to pay or not to pay.

If Catholic hospitals do close because of FOCA, where are those 83,795,186 patients going to go?
What is going to happen to the clinics that offer immunization shots for children and adults who don't have a means to pay? What is going to happen to other "support networks" that seem to be so vital to Obama? His signing of FOCA is going to put in jeopardy a huge provider of healthcare and support services that he is calling on to come forward to help people. Not to mention all the people that he is going to put out of work.

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