Monday, October 27, 2008

Simple Woman for 10/27/08

For today, October 27, 2008

Outside My sycamore tree is changing colors and dropping leaves. Beyond that I can see the trees in the riverbed changing colors.

I am thinking...that I can't believe tomorrow is the first anniversary of my father's death.

I am thankful for...the gift of my father. He taught me many things. The best gifts he gave me were his marriage to my mom, the love that he gave to me, the faith that he nurtured in me, and his believing in me.

From the learning rooms...the books are opening. We are having afternoon school today. I had to clean the studio and then had a chiropractic appointment. I am still having treatment for the injury in the hit and run accident that I was in a couple of weeks ago.

From the kitchen...things are quiet and clean.

I am wearing...a chocolate colored shirt with 3/4 sleeves and jeans. Bare feet as always.

I am creating...a list of things I need to get done for the week.

I am pick up the cones and barriers I need for the trunk n treat at the All Hallows Eve celebration at the church on Friday.

I am reading...Rashi's Daughters: Book 1 Johoved

I am hoping...that Steve doesn't take too long in coming home from his parents. I miss my boys.

I am hearing...Neil Cavuto on the tv.

Around the house...some things need to be straightened up.

One of my favorite dad's laughter.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: dance classes for the girls, piano class for Deanna, finish costumes, make cocoa krispie treats, make cupcakes for the cake walk, get together with my family to celebrate dad's life.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...This is a photo of my parents in Aiea Hawaii on June 24, 2006, the night before their 40th anniversary. At the time there were 17 of us in my family and all of us were in Hawaii to celebrate. It was a great time. Since then there have been two more grandchildren. One of them my dad had the chance to meet. One of them is the first grandchild who will not know my dad.

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Cassidy said...

What a special picture! I know those memories must be very, very precious!