Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Countdown to Halloween

I was thinking that I had a little more time to get costumes ready. But the girls have Halloween parties in the dance classes this week.

I just finished putting the finishing touches on Allegra's polka costume. Her class is this evening.

I have everything I need to turn Deanna into Padme from Star Wars 2. She has class tomorrow.

I just need to make a tulle skirt to finish up Nina's Sleeping Beauty costume. This one is going to take me the longest. I hate gathering tulle. But, it will be done in time for her class tomorrow.

Gabe is going to be Batman and he is so cute in his costume.

They are all looking forward to carving pumpkins tomorrow. We are going Trunk n Treating at the church on Friday. We have done this ever since we have lived on the High Desert. The little ones want to go house to house, but it is just safe and convinient to be at the church for it. Plus they get to see their friends and so do Steve and I.

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Marlana said...

I'm going to take the boys trunk or treating at the church!! I'm going to Babies R Us tomorrow and picking up this little sweat pant pumpkin outfit they had there. AJ will be wearing Elijah's costume from last year. I think it should fit... it's a cow costume. It'll be a little bit because it's 3-6 months, but I'm pretty sure it will work! You are having your car there, right? I hope we'll get to see you :)